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Weekend Recap

Foodwise, I didn’t do very much.  Here is what I did do:

  1. I reviewed Baking: From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan.  I really liked it, and I definitely want to add it to my cookbook collection.
  2. I got caught up on Joy The Baker’s Podcast.  I spent yesterday listening to, and it’s so fun to listen to.
  3. I watched The Pioneer Woman’s t.v. show on Saturday.  It was the premiere episode, and it’s part cooking show, and part documentary.  It’ll be a cool show, and I can’t wait to see the next episode!

Here’s a couple other food related podcasts I listen to:

  1. The DnA Foodcast is one of my favorites to listen to.  Listeners send in recipes, and Dave and Alex cook them!  You can cook along with them if you want, but either way, it’s fun to listen to.
  2. The Dinner Party Download is also really cool.  It’s a really short podcast that helps you get through any dinner parties you go to.  In each episode, you get a joke, catch up on the major headlines of the week, and has a few other segments.  While I don’t go to dinner parties, it’s still interesting to listen to.  And they do have a cocktail segment and a food trend segment, which always teaches me something new!

I also added a few new pages, and they’re up at the top.  I added the In The Kitchen group, which includes my baking essentials, my cooking essentials, and any tips and techniques I pick up along the way.  I’ll be adding a couple more pages sometime in the next week: one will be my recipe archives, and the other will be about the food-related books I read as well as any cookbooks I use.


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I love reading and I spend a lot of time crocheting. I'm also a big fan of podcasts and t.v.

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