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Over The Weekend…

Not much went on this weekend, but I came across some really cool things I wanted to share.

  1. Cake Wrecks: It’s a really cool blog about professionally decorated cakes gone wrong.  I’m shocked, horrified, and laughing hysterically…all at the same time.
  2. The Splendid Table: It’s a podcast where the host talks about food and wine, among other things.  I’ve only listened to the most recent episode, but so far, it’s pretty interesting.
  3. My Life As A Foodie:  Another podcast, where the host talks about food, and anything pertaining to food, whether it’s food issues, t.v. shows about food, or government issues about food (according to his website).  I’ve only listened to the most recent episode, but I’m not sure if I like it or not.  I think I’ll listen to another episode or two.
  4. Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap: They eat stuff so you don’t have to!  I was entertained, and I’m definitely keeping it.  Besides, any episode titled “it should be banished to the bowels of the earth” is something that gets my attention!
  5. This American Girl’s Ride: It’s a personal journal podcast, and she talks about a lot of different things.  She does have a what I’m eating segment, which is why I’m listing it here.
  6. Confectionary House: There’s all kinds of baking supplies, and anything you could possibly think of.  I haven’t ordered anything from them, but they have some really cool cookie cutters and stuff.
  7. Sur La Table: Another website that I haven’t ordered from, but they have a pretty good selection of cookware, bakeware, glassware and a variety of other things.  I really like some of the plates and bowls they have.

I’m a big fan of podcasts, but unfortunately, not a lot are about food.  However, I did go looking for some food podcasts over the weekend, but I haven’t listened to a lot of them yet.  I’ll be sure to let you know which ones I end up keeping!  I watched the 2nd episode of The Pioneer Woman, and I really like it so far!  I’m glad I’m watching it.  I really want to make the Mac And Cheese she made on the show now.

A couple of announcements: the bookshelf and recipe archive pages are up, and I’ve settled on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posting schedule.

I can’t think of anything else to add, so I’ll be back on Wednesday.


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I love reading and I spend a lot of time crocheting. I'm also a big fan of podcasts and t.v.

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