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Root Vegetable Chowder and Vegetable Barley

Yesterday was a cooking day.  I made Root Vegetable Chowder and Vegetable Barley. 

First up is the Root Vegetable Chowder, and ingredients are pictured below.  The flour isn’t pictured in the photo, but it is a part of the recipe.

Root Vegetable Chowder Ingredients

And below is the chowder itself.  There’s this weird level of oil floating on top, which is probably because I added too much.  On accident, of course.  And that is why you should never estimate the amount of oil, like Rachael prefers to do. 

Root Vegetable Chowder

Any Adaptations? Yes- no onions or parsnips were used in the recipe.  I don’t like onions, so I opted not to include it.  And I have no idea what a parsnip is and forgot to google it before I went grocery shopping. 

I’m not sure if I’d make it again.  I found the heavy cream a little too rich, but overall, I did like it.  Maybe next time I’ll use half and half instead.  It was really easy to make, and it really helped that I chopped everything up the night before.  I really need to start doing that more.  Like every single time I buy fresh produce. 

Next is the vegetable barley, with the ingredients below.  The spinach isn’t pictured, so just imagine some fresh spinach.  And I forgot to get the butter in the picture, so imagine some butter too. 

Vegetable Barley Ingredients

The Vegetable Barley is below, and at first, I wasn’t sure if I should drain the vegetable broth from the pan.  Mainly because it wasn’t mentioned, but I didn’t really want vegetable broth on my spinach.  There was too much broth- one quart of it.  Next time, I won’t be using so much of it. 

Vegetable Barley

Any Adaptations?  I left out the onion.  Now, the thing about onions is, I like the flavor of onions, but I don’t actually like onions.  It’s weird.  Anyway, I also left out the celery, because I don’t like celery, and I also didn’t feel like buying one thing of celery when all I needed was one rib of it.  I also didn’t steam the spinach, because I hate steamed spinach.  I like it better raw.  Or if it’s in quiche, I’m fine with cooked spinach.  I’m weird like that…but I think I may have discovered a new topic for a future post. 

I would definitely make this again.  It’s really good, and it’s also really easy to make.  The only thing I thought was weird was the choice of chicken or vegetable broth.  I get that not everyone who buys this book is vegetarian, but I’m going to assume that most owners of this book are vegetarian.  So why is chicken stock an option?  It makes no sense to me. 

Anyway, I’m not sure about the Root Vegetable Chowder, but I’m definitely adding the Vegetable Barley to my rotation.  Especially since I have nearly the whole bag left…


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