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Food And Electricity

For me, the two go hand in hand.  After the power outage on Thursday, I got to thinking about what would happen if there were a disaster.  Out here in San Diego, we tend to have quite a few earthquakes.  The last major one was over a year ago, on Easter Sunday.  We also are prone to wildfires, with really bad ones in 2003 and in 2007. 

We don’t really have an emergency preparedness kit like we should, and thankfully it didn’t take an actual natural disaster to figure this out.  We don’t really have a lot of non-perishable food in the pantry, other than a few cans of tuna, some random soup and beans, and a can of pineapple slices.  So…there definitely wouldn’t be enough food for 3 people to survive for more than a couple days.  We don’t have a way to cook anything, no camping gear or anything like that since we don’t really have a need for it.  I’m not going to running out for it anytime soon, but with no electricity, you have to get a little creative. 

And in my case, it gets a little bit harder, since I’m vegetarian.  If it came down to starving, or eating meat, of course I’d go with eating meat.  But it would be interesting to see what I could make without any power…that happens to be meat-free.  I love peanut butter and jelly, but you can only eat it for so long before you get tired of it.  I don’t know if it’s possible, since I might not be able to refridgerate things in an emergency, and we don’t have a cooler to store stuff in.  We used to, but I think we got rid of it for some weird reason.  It’s definitely something to think about, so I’ll have to take a look around the internets or even some cookbooks.  Maybe even some stuff that freezes well, but is better cold.  Like that Veggie Lo Mein I made?  That is pretty good cold, maybe there are some other things that are okay cold too. 

It’s not high up on my priority list, but it’s definitely something to do.


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