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The Living Room

Every Saturday morning, I go to a place called The Living Room.  They have several locations, but I go to the one closest to the college I went to. 

It’s a really cool place, and it really does look like you’re in someone’s house!  They have really good food, more than enough outlets, free wi-fi, good music, and the staff is really nice and friendly. 

I usually get breakfast, since that’s when I’m there.  Sometimes I get tea, other times I get coffee.  But breakfast…it’s totally random.  I’ll go from bagels to pancakes to dessert to some other pastry.  I love the food, and I can never make up my mind about what to drink, so I tend to default to the same couple drinks.  They do make a good toffee mocha, I’ll give them that.   

Being so close to a college, you get a lot of people studying or working on a group project, but you also get all kinds of groups in there.  It fills up pretty fast, at least in the mornings, and I’m really glad I get there at an obscenely early hour, because I don’t have to wait in line for breakfast and I don’t have any trouble with parking.  And you know it’s a college study spot when there’s a table specifically reserved for people who aren’t studying.

I’m not sure how their lunch or dinner is, but they’re a really cool place, and definitely one of my favorite places to hang out and frequent.


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I love reading and I spend a lot of time crocheting. I'm also a big fan of podcasts and t.v.

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