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Supernatural Brownies

The first dessert of the month is brownies!  I got the recipe from one cake two cake and they are called supernatural brownies.

Supernatural Brownies Ingredients

They were really easy to make and I think I’ll be making them again.  The recipe called for 2 bars of baking chocolate, melted and added to the bowl.  It’s unusual for me to use bars of baking chocolate, mostly because I don’t like melting the chocolate in a double broiler.  I don’t even like melting it in a microwave.  But these brownies just looked so good that I didn’t mind melting the chocolate.

I didn’t change anything in the recipe, because I’m still a little too scared to experiment with baking.  But I try to stick to the recipe the first few times I make it anyway…so I’ll leave you with a picture of the brownies!

Supernatural Brownies

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