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Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites

Yesterday, I made Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites, which can be found at Oh My! Sugar High.

Milk, Butter, Flour, Sugar, Cinnamon, Rice Krispies, Shortening, Baking Powder and Salt

 A Recipe Rundown: There were definitely some steps in this recipe, and it seemed rather involved.  That might have been because each step was followed by a picture.  Despite the steps, it was rather easy, and they came out great!  I didn’t have any butter-flavored shortening, so I used regular shortening instead.

It didn’t make as many as the recipe said it would, but I did some of them pretty big, so that might be why.  They would be really easy to freeze, and while I haven’t tested that out yet, I think I’ll try it.  I think I’d freeze them before dipping them in the butter and sugar cinnamon.  They would definitely need to bake for another minute or two, or maybe thawed out before hand. 

They’d be great snacks or as part of a breakfast buffet.

Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites


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