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Sugar Biscuits

I tried to make sugar biscuits (also known as sugar cookies) over the weekend.  The recipe is from the Unoffical Harry Potter Cookbook. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Baking Soda, Salt, Vanilla Extract, 2 Eggs, Flour, 2 Sticks Butter

I don’t usually make sugar cookies using cookie cutters, because every time I do, I find myself getting frustrated with forming the dough into a disk, letting the dough chill, rolling it out, cutting cookies, and then starting the process all over again.  I can be pretty patient, but not patient enough for that. 

It seems like everytime I make sugar cookie cutouts, the dough is too sticky for me to work with, no matter what I do.  It seems pretty common with every recipe I try too.  So either all of the recipes are faulty, it’s baker error and I’m messing up the recipe each time, or I’m not letting it chill long enough.  The first one is really hard for me to believe, because they can’t ALL be weird recipes.  The 2nd one is slightly easier to believe- I could be mixing things a little too much, or something else is going wrong along the way.  But I make a lot of cookies, and I follow the recipes to the T.  So that leaves us with reason #3, which is probably it.  It’s pretty likely that I’m not letting it chill long enough, and that the reccomended time (which is 2 hours for this recipe) is not long enough.

I started on Friday afternoon, found the dough was too sticky, so I left it in the fridge until yesterday, when I manage to get some ill-shaped cookies onto the cookie sheet.  Maybe I need to flour the plastic wrap before I put the dough onto it, or perhaps I need to chill it, and then put onto the plastic wrap, and then chill it again.  Or maybe I need to use parchment paper instead and just flour it?  Although it could be because I used a plastic biscuit cutter instead of an actual cookie cutter, but even with cookie cutters, I still have trouble.

So, the cookies are pictured below, and while they aren’t perfect circles, they did taste pretty good, and I think it might be one of my favorite cookie recipes. 

The Ill-Fated Cookies

 Back to the recipe: I had some trouble with it- my complaining should be a clue- and while they tasted good, I’m not in the mood to make sugar cookies anytime soon.  Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.  It turns out that I don’t need to worry about making pumpkin pie, but I am going to try my hand at making apple pie.  I’m really worried about the crust, but I have a couple different apple pie recipes and I think I’m going to get a pre-made crust as a back-up.  I’ll be a busy baker!


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