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Parker House Rolls

I made Parker House Rolls over the weekend!  They come from King Arthur Flour, which is one of my favorite sites to go to when I need something to bake.

Sugar, Whole Milk, Instant Mashed Potato Flakes, Active Dry Yeast, 1 Egg, Butter, Salt

I was pretty scared to make these, because I’ve never made anything with yeast before.  But it wasn’t as scary as I thought.  It was mostly waiting around for the dough to rise and for the rolls to bake, and very little of the actually mixing of ingredients and such.   

Everything went pretty well…until it came time to cut the rolls after the first rise.  I cut them, and they were not perfect squares like the recipe said.  So instead, I decided irregularly shaped blobs would be okay.  As a result, they were different sizes and they didn’t look at all like rolls.  But overall, and for a first attempt at something with yeast, they came out better than I thought.  I had pretty low expectations, and figured I might have to toss them in the trash.  But I didn’t, and they will be making a home in the freezer for a while.   

Parker House Rolls

As far as time goes, it really wasn’t that bad.  Especially since most of the time was waiting around.  And I put that time to good use by actually cleaning up the kitchen, which was a big mess by the time I was done.  Too bad I didn’t think to take a picture!  Another time, I suppose.

I do wonder about the fact that I kneaded the dough a few minutes longer than I was supposed to.  I have no clue whether those extra 2-3 minutes made the difference between blobs and something more uniformly shaped.  Or maybe it was the yeast?  The recipe did say instant yeast, and all I have is active dry yeast.  I really have no clue.

I think I might give them another try today, to see if they come out any better.  Any “pretty-looking” ones will be taken out of the freezer on Thanksgiving as extras.  Next up is to make a couple things from the Harry Potter cookbook (which will probably be today too), a pie crust (Tuesday night or Wednesday morning), the apple pie filling (Wednesday morning) and mashed potatoes, which I’ll do on Thursday.  It’ll be a busy week of cooking and baking, and I might throw in a couple other random desserts too.  So I think this week, I’ll be posting Tuesday and Thursday, in addition to my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts. 

Have a great day!


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