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Mashed Potatoes

I am a big fan of mashed potatoes.  Actually, I love potatoes in general, but I think mashed potatoes are my favorite way to make them.  I usually make mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.  Usually it’s the only thing I make, so I usually make them the night before, and then bake them- all according to various recipes for baked mashed potatoes.  With the turkey going into the oven, and lots of business in the kitchen, I’d be in the way, and I don’t particularly want to be in the way on Thanksgiving, so making them ahead of time and then baking them seems to be a good choice. 

But not this year, because they will be in the crock-pot!  I got up early to make the potatoes (and to finish the pie), since it takes a while for the water to boil and then I need to mash them and all.  I did want to time it so that they’d be done around 2, when we’re supposed to be eating.  It looks like they’ll be in the crock-pot a little longer than that but that’s okay, it’ll keep them warm until then. 

Red Potatoes, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Parsley, and Vegetable Bouillon

I used a vegetable bouillon cube instead of chicken bouillon.  I also left out the garlic powder, because I thought I had some, and then it turned out I didn’t.  I also cut the recipe in half, since we already have some potatoes. 

Mashed Potatoes, Up Close And Personal

I hate peeling potatoes, so I left the skin on all of them.  I was debated whether I wanted to use my handheld mixer or mash them by hand.  I don’t mind mashing them by hand, but my hand starts to cramp up and my arms starts to get sore…

Mashed Potatoes

I ended up using the potato masher and they do look good, and I think I’ve made a different version of it every year.  If this one is as good as I think it’ll be, I’ll probably stick with this one!  That’s it for today, so have a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend. 

I’ll leave everyone with a picture of baked apple pie!

Apple Pie! It's finally baked!


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