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Beef With Beer

Getting bored with the food at home I decided to make Beef With Beer on top of Mustard Mashed Potatoes.  I found the recipe in Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book.

Beefless Tips, Carrots, Flour, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary, Vegetable Broth, Tomato Paste and Garlic

Technically, though, it’s not really Beef With Beer since there’s no actual beer in the food.  One, we don’t have beer, and two, I’m not a big fan of beer.  Instead of beer and beef stock, I used vegetable broth.  I left out the onion, and used 2 carrots instead of one.  I also used dried rosemary instead of fresh rosemary, because that’s what I had on hand.

It’s getting cold again, and it seemed like it was time to start making soups and stews.  I would never think of putting beef stew over mashed potatoes, but it is a pretty good idea!

Other than chopping the carrots and browning the “meat,” I didn’t have to do much, since it spent most of the time in the oven.  I thought that was a little odd, but I’ve liked pretty much everything I’ve made from Rachael Ray’s cookbooks, so I decided to just go with it.

I had 2 helpings of it, and the 2nd helping had more of a wine taste to it, which was really interesting and unexpected.

I love being in the kitchen and I can’t wait to get cooking again!

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