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A Brief Look Back At 2011

This is definitely the time of year when there are all kinds of lists coming out.  And I thought I’d do my own list, and take a look back at some of the cooking and baking I’ve done over the last year.

  • I made bread!  With yeast!  It didn’t come out like I had expected, but I definitely want to try it again. 
  • Lemon meringue pie.  I made it months ago, and I got the lemon part down.  But I had some problems with the meringue.  I suppose I’ll have to give it another try one of these days.
  • There was the not-so-good ice cream jello.  Sometime in January or February, after seeing a recipe for ice cream jello, I decided to make some.  But it didn’t turn out very well at all.  With a somewhat unclear recipe, it’s no surprise it didn’t come out right.
  • I made my very first pie, completely from scratch!  It terrified me, but it turned out I was scared for nothing.  I haven’t made a pie since, but pie is good, so more pie-making is definitely in my future!
  • I discovered a lot of food blogs this year, and I’ve found some really good recipes through them.  It’s always an adventure seeing what they write about.

I’ve gotten more comfortable in the kitchen and I’m glad that I’ve started to branch out and make things like pie and bread and rolls, instead of sticking to my usual good-ol’ standby of cookies.


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I love reading and I spend a lot of time crocheting. I'm also a big fan of podcasts and t.v.

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