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Plans For 2012

I love baking, and I’m slowly starting to love cooking as well.  I will be cooking a lot more this year, and you can be sure I’ll be baking a lot too!  But when I started thinking about goals this year, I was at a loss.  I mean, I want to eat healthy, and so I will cook healthy.  Most of the time, anyway, because food is good, and cooking is fun.  But I wanted something more than just cook healthy and cook/bake a few things every month.  That’s all fine and good, but I want something more specific.  Something more tangible.

And then I remembered that at some point last year, I made a top 100 list.  I took a look at and took some things off of it, as well as added a few things.  I think I’ve mentioned this list before, but this was the first time that it’s undergone some editing since I came up with the idea.  It has everything from pumpkin pie to pastry puff to sourdough bread.  The list is focused mostly on baking, but there are a few things on there not related to baking.  I’ll try to get through as much of the list as I can, so it’ll be a fun cooking adventure.

It also has it’s own page, so as I work my way through the list, I’ll link back to the recipe on that page.

Here is the complete list:

  1. Angel Food Cake
  2. Apple Crisp
  3. Apple Pie
  4. Apple Tart
  5. Bagels
  6. Baked French Toast
  7. Baklava
  8. Biscotti
  9. Biscuits
  10. Black Bean Burgers
  11. Blondies
  12. Boston Cream Pie
  13. Bread Pudding
  14. Breadsticks
  15. Bruschetta
  16. Carrot Cake
  17. Challah
  18. Cheesecake
  19. Cheeze-its
  20. Cherry Cobbler
  21. Cherry Pie
  22. Ciabatta
  23. Cinnamon Rolls
  24. Coconut Lime Bars
  25. Corn Chowder
  26. Cream Puffs
  27. Crème Brulee
  28. Crepes
  29. Croissants
  30. Doughnuts
  31. Éclairs
  32. Egg rolls
  33. Enchiladas
  34. English Muffins
  35. Focaccia
  36. French Fries
  37. Funnel Cake
  38. Garlic Bread
  39. Gelato
  40. German Chocolate Cake
  41. Gnocchi
  42. Granola Bars
  43. Hamburger Buns
  44. Hummus
  45. Ice Cream
  46. Key Lime Pie
  47. Layer Cake
  48. Lattice-topped Pie
  49. Lemon Bars
  50. Lemon Meringue
  51. Macaroons
  52. Madeleine’s
  53. Marinara Sauce
  54. Meatloaf
  55. Minestrone
  56. Miso Soup
  57. Naan
  58. Nanaimo Bars
  59. Paella
  60. Panna Cotta
  61. Peach Cobbler
  62. Peanut Brittle
  63. Pecan Pie
  64. Pesto Sauce
  65. Petit fours
  66. Pho
  67. Phyllo cups
  68. Pie Crust
  69. Pita Bread
  70. Pizza
  71. Polenta
  72. Popovers
  73. Pop-tarts
  74. Portuguese Sweet Rolls
  75. Pot Pie
  76. Pound Cake
  77. Pretzels
  78. Puff Pastry
  79. Pumpernickel
  80. Pumpkin Pie
  81. Quiche
  82. Rhubarb Pie
  83.  Rice Krispy treats
  84. Rice Pudding
  85. Rolls
  86. Rum Balls
  87. Rye bread
  88. Scones
  89. Sorbet
  90. Sourdough Bread
  91. Split Pea Soup
  92. Strawberry Shortcake
  93. Strudel
  94. Tiramisu
  95. Truffles
  96. Turnovers
  97. Tzatziki Sauce
  98. Waffles
  99. Whipped Cream

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