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I Love King Arthur Flour

I made muffins! 

I was definitely in the mood for muffins, and after looking at a few recipes, I found one that looked really good!  I made Spicy Cheddar Muffins from King Arthur Flour.  They weren’t kidding when they said that you should use extra-sharp cheddar cheese.  I couldn’t taste the cheese at all, so they were more spicy than cheese.  They were okay, but it felt like they were missing something.  Maybe some herbs or something. 

So onto other topics…I will mostly definitely be baking something this weekend.  I’m still not sure what, but I have a few things in mind.

Like these cinnamon rolls from King Arthur Flour.  I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon rolls for a while, and now I can finally make them, since I have all the ingredients. 

Definitely the whole wheat bread.  I have 5 pounds of whole wheat flour I need to use, and what better way than whole wheat bread?  I’ll definitely have to find more ways to sneak in whole wheat flour. 

Blueberry muffins are also in order, since I got some on sale at the store.  I am definitely in a muffin mood for some reason.  And blueberry muffins are pretty good.

I’m definitely a big fan of King Arthur Flour.  There’s a pretty good chance that they’ll have the recipe I’m looking for.  I love that they respond to the comments and have tips for each recipe.  They are one of my go-to sites!


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