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More Adventures In Bread-Baking

Yesterday, I made whole wheat bread.  It came out like the first loaf of bread I made, and didn’t seem to rise.  I’m positive it’s not the yeast, since the yeast is relatively new. 

I think it might be the mixing and/or kneading process, so a quick trip to youtube may be in order.

I also made snickerdoodle blondies this week. 

I would never think of combining snickerdoodles and blondies but they lasted a day…they were so good!

I wish I took some pictures but maybe I’ll need to make the blondies again, just so I can take a picture.  And get a picture of the bread before it disappears. 

As for weekend cooking plans, I want to make some cinnamon rolls.  And I need to look for some more whole wheat recipes.  It’s hard to find things that use 100% whole wheat (and not white whole wheat) but I know they’re out there.

Have a good weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday with more baking adventures!


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I love reading and I spend a lot of time crocheting. I'm also a big fan of podcasts and t.v.

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