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Betty Crocker, I Am So Disappointed

I was flipping through a baking magazine put out by Betty Crocker.  A recipe for Cinnamon Espresso Bars caught my eye, and I knew I had to make.  Would this be my birthday treat?

No, of course not.  It sounds delicious, and it looked really good in the magazine.  But I was disappointed with the recipe.

Problem One: It didn’t rise like it did in the picture.  In fact, it barely rose at all. I know it’s not the baking powder or the baking soda.  Actually, I think it’s the pan the recipe called for.  A 9×13 pan did seem a little big when I made it, and I spent some time making sure the batter wasn’t too thin.  An 8×8 pan might be a little small, but if you pour the batter in 2 of them, it might work.  Is there a pan size that’s in between?  Because that size pan would probably work.

Problem Two: The glaze tasted good, but unfortunately didn’t come out as good as I expected.  There was a lot of flour and some cinnamon, but very little liquid.  I generally don’t make glazes, so I’m not sure about the dry ingredient to liquid ingredient ratio.  But it seemed off, so I added waaaaay too much liquid, and then the glaze was all runny.

I’m disappointed, because it’s Betty Crocker, and I expected a better recipe from something with the Betty Crocker label slapped on.  I’m wondering whether they tested the recipe…

I’m sure it tastes fine, but since I haven’t tried it, I can’t say for sure.  But it did smell good, and the batter tasted pretty good.  I just think they messed on the pan size.  Maybe the amount of ingredients should be adjusted?  I honestly have no idea.  I think I’ll try a few other things in the magazine before I really make up my mind.  It would be really silly to make a decision after 2 recipes.

Hopefully I’ll have some better luck this weekend with the baking.


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