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Candyfreak And More Required Cooking

I finished Candyfreak this week, and it was interesting.  It’s written by Steve Almond, and it follows his journey through regional candy factories.  It’s definitely an interesting look at candy, and how the smaller companies are getting edged out by the bigger companies.

You have Nestle, Hershey’s and Mars (the big 3) and then you have everyone else.  I hadn’t even heard of most of the treats mentioned in the book, and it was a little sad to see that the smaller companies are slowly disappearing.  There wasn’t as much history as I thought, because the book focused more on Almond’s stories and experiences with candy.  It was still interesting though.

As for required cooking, I flipped through Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson, and found a couple things that looked really good.  There’s this risotto-style barley that looks really good.  And the fried rice millet look really good.  Unfortunately, the millet wasn’t at the grocery store, so I’ll have to look at the local health food store to see if they have it.

I really like how it’s organized.  While it’s not set up in the really cool table format like the other cookbook I looked at, it’s still easy to understand.  Each chapter focuses on a different ingredient, and I can’t wait to look through it some more.

That’s all for today, so have a great weekend!


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